Sky’s the Limit with MSGL Under Your Wings!

October 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

If you find yourself on a Delta Airlines flight in the month of October, be sure to turn to page 120 of Delta Sky in-flight magazine. Stephanie Wilbur Ash’s feature article on distance learning as a way to improve one’s life and career shines the spotlight on Sean Kelley, a 2004 MSGL graduate from cohort 10. Now the Director of Staffing with the Microsoft Corporation, Kelley had the following to say in the article about his MSGL degree, “I was able to put my deep studies to work around the world. I needed the degree to open the door, which it completely did.”

Know someone who is ready to make a big life change? Share Sean’s success for inspiration. Kelley was able to incorporate the MSGL program into his busy lifestlye, because of the distance learning component. Indeed, online education is the wave of the future. As author Stephanie Wilbur Ash notes, enrollment in online degree programs rose 12.9% between 2007 and 2008. And with the economy slowly crawling its way out of a ditch, that number is sure to soar over the next several years. Find out more about the benefits of distance learning by attending the following events:

Save the Date!

  • October 12th: School of Business Graduate Student Programs Information Session provides an opportunity to learn all there is to know about SBA degrees, including MSGL.
  • October 16th: Hire San Diego is a one-stop shop for business school graduates who want to meet with top employment recruiters.
  • November 6th: Join the MSGL staff at the I Bar on North Island for our regular recruiting event. Bring a friend and enjoy a frosty beverage on us!

See you next week!

Claire Kreger Boaz

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