So Much Great MSGL News, It’s Kinda Spooky!

October 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

(Halloween Puns Just for Fun)

As Halloween approaches I can’t help but wonder what treats are in store for MSGL students, alumni, and friends of the program. One magnificent goodie to share right off the bat is that during the entire month of November referred applicants will have their application fees waived. That’s right, friends of alums, put your hard-earned dollars toward something less frightful than an application fee!

Pressed for time? Don’t howl at the moon in frustration, because the deadline to apply has been extended until December 1, 2009. This give you plenty of time scare up the information you need to include in your application and avoid the fee. If that doesn’t give you a sugar rush to the head, I don’t know what will!

What About Bob?

Did you know that our esteemed Director, Bob Schoultz, the creative mind behind “Bob’s Corner,” is also a frequent contributor to the leadership panel in The Washington Post? This week, Bob addresses the public airing of grievances among the leaders and coaches of the Washington Redskins. What’s great about Bob is his answers always seem to speak to a larger issue than just the question posed by the newspaper. Read it and weep, Dan Snyder!

Upcoming Events

  • October 31, Halloween! Boo! Have fun, and post your costume pictures on Facebook.
  • November 6th, lunch-time speaker. Email John Ruzicka for more information.
  • November 6th, We buy you drinks at the I-Bar, and all you have to do is show up and bring a friend!
  • November 30th, last day application fee is waived for referred applicants.
  • December 1st, application deadline

See you next week!

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