Value, Importance, and Protocol of Networking

December 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

This past Friday, MSGL students were treated to a 90-minute presentation from USD business professors Craig and Linda Barkacs. Their message was filled with colorful anecdotes and their personal account of moving to San Diego years ago without knowing anyone. Since the early 80s, they have continued to build an incredible network that serves them well both professionally and personally.

Some of the nuggets or key take-aways from their visit:

– Get involved! Join organizations where you have common interests with people and be active within those groups.

– Add value! It’s not enough to just show up and expect to build a great network. People notice others who volunteer for leadership positions and provide value to the group.

– Follow up! If you commit to something, follow through. If someone helps you, in any capacity, follow up and say thank you. Be reliable and helpful and others will be likely to help you when the time comes.

– Be yourself! Enough said.

It was a great lunchtime presentation and is available on streaming video for those who missed it. Email us at if you’d like to take a look or attend our next guest speaker.

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