MSGL DC Alumni Reunion

April 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

On Wed 21 April, a group of MSGL students and alums living and working in the DC area gathered for lunch at Clyde’s in downtown Washington DC. The group included Siddhartha (Buck) Herdegan (C42), now teaching leadership at the Naval Academy, Tom Donohue(C 20) now working at the State Department, Lacey Sladkey (C47) about to begin a new job in contracting, Chris Moore (C40) working for N8 on the Navy Staff in the Pentagon, Jeremy Edge (C50) working for Batelle, contracted to DHS, Chad Clever (C50) a consultant working for NBM technologies, and Damon Loveless (C45) working as a congressional fellow on Capitol Hill. Also joining us were Meghan Murphy, Brent Hall, Mark Pennington, and Chris Ward who were invited along by the others to learn more about the MSGL program as an option for their graduate education in the future.

We began by introducing ourselves to and getting to know each other, and I gave a brief update on some of the new developments in MSGL since some of the alums had graduated. We also had a great meal – Clyde’s is a top – notch Washington Restaurant, and MSGL was proud to pick up the check. Thanks to Lacey and Meghan for suggesting it! We concluded with a spirited discussion of the ethical issues associated with Google’s decision to go into China. I suspect that Meghan, Brent, Mark and Chris enjoyed watching our Alums jump on this ‘hot’ topic, and the eloquence and passion with which they expressed a variety of well-reasoned opinions, discussing, arguing and respectfully disagreeing. I, as usual, played the devil’s advocate, probing and challenging assumptions, throwing in alternative perspectives, but admitting that I have no answer either.

It was great seeing everyone again, facilitating new connections between MSGL alums, and perhaps even making some new friends for the program. I look forward to the next gathering of MSGL in DC – date TBD, but certainly within a year. Bob

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  • It was a great lunch; thanks again Bob.Of course the best thing about lunch was the company and the conversation. I had a wonderful time.I wrote about the experience on my blog here.You may be surprised at what I was thinking but not saying.

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