Arthur Lipper III visits cohort 50

June 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

Today Cohort 50 had the privilege of visiting with Arthur Lipper III, a San Diego business executive and Korean War veteran.  Arthur has been involved in the international financial community since 1954 and served as editor-in-chief of Venture magazine.  Arthur’s many accomplishments are listed in his extensive bio.  Arthur discussed trading royalties as a means for financing businesses and providing investors a different type of investment vehicle.  Special thanks to Mr. Lipper for spending his afternoon with the MS in Global Leadership program.  His presentation is on video and will be available for those who would like to view it.

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  • Bob Schoultz says:

    Another topic he addressed in his remarks is how when working outside of the area where you are held accountable by your reputation and your peers, you are working in someone else’s area, and as an outsider, you are frequently considered ‘fair game.’ It is important to find a good and trustworthy local partner to help you navigate the local landscape, and who also has credibility in the local community. In response to the question by Anita Patino (Cohort 49) as to how one finds such a trusted partner, Arther answered that it is difficult, and comes from experience and gut feel. With experience, one learns how to network into the local businces culture – the gut feel is required to tell you whether you want to partner with and trust a particular individual. He noted that the more you trust someone, the more it hurts if/when they betray you – but you have to take the risk – because as an outsider without the local partner, you are very vulnerable to being betrayed and you won’t even know it until it’s too late.
    Arthur Lipper also left copies of 3 of his books, focussing on entrepreneurship with the MSGL library: The “Larry and Barry Guide to Entrepreneurial Wisdom,” “Financing and Investing in Private Companies,” and “The Guide for Venture Investing Angels.” Bob

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