The MBA Oath

July 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Max Anderson, Harvard Business School MBA and co-author of the book The MBA Oath.  Max was kind enough to visit USD and speak with our students about the story of how the MBA Oath came about.  Max explained that he was having dinner with his wife when he came up with the idea that business school graduates should take an oath upon graduation to hold themselves publicly accountable for their actions, similar to the Hippocratic Oath that doctors take.  As he explored the idea further, Max learned that two HBS professors had discussed a similar initative and decided that it should be a student-organized effort.

In what was an outstanding presentation, Max further explained the need for public commitment from business school graduates and added that the oath ends with accountability.  For the authors of the MBA Oath, simply, “do no harm” was not enough.  They improved upon the idea and came up with, “create value responsibly.”  Read and take the entire oath here.

We certainly enjoyed a great afternoon with Max and welcome him back anytime.

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§ 2 Responses to The MBA Oath

  • Interesting idea, but with one major flaw:

    The Hippocratic oath is not intended for people who have a certain degree, but who fill a certain role. The same should apply here.

  • schoultz says:

    I think that is what Max is trying to say. The ‘role’ of business people should be defined by the profession of business. THe Hypocratic Oath is for the profession of medicine, and he is looking for professional standards in business to which the profession holds its members accountable. The MBA is not the point – only one of the gates by which people enter what he would like to see as ‘the profession of business.’

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